I was soooooooo impressed with the Super Summer Sesion.  I simply could not believe how you and your staff put it ALL together in such a SHORT TIME PERIOD.  Kudos to you for having such a fabulous vision as well as great assistants.  Promoting self assurance with a demonstration of public speaking with ALL the young women was outstanding .  I am certain that some parents saw some things from their little "Darlings" that they had no idea they exuded.
I pray that you and your family have a fabulous, refreshing vacation and we plan to see you again in the Fall
Congratualtions on you new location.  I can not wait to see it.
Dr. Denise Davis
A "Studio A" Supporter

Miss "A"!!!!!!!!
Once again, I was so happy to see you last week at the competition!
Thanks for the support and helpful hints...I felt like we were at one of the
performances back in the band days:) I would just like to say, incase I haven't before, "Thank you!" I have always viewed you as much more than a dance instructor, and eventho it's been a while, you are still one of the most inspirational people in my life. You just epitomize what it means to be a prosperous black woman...I honestly wanna be like you when I grow up (as corney as that sounds lol) I have, and will never forget the positive impact you've had on me. I know I wasn't the best protige, but I still learned a lot from you. It's kinda like when someone fails a class because they didn't turn in all their assignments, but still manages to retain all the information because they had such a great teacher... I just realized how much this sounds like a plea for brownie points lol, but that's not the case……. I just hope that we can rebuild the mentor-mentee relationship we had a few years ago...if you're not too busy being a wife, a mother, a career woman, and a mentor to probably dozens of young women just like me.

.......Hopefully my actions as well as my words have conveyed all of my feelings toward you! Mrs. "A" you truly are a blessing. The funniest thing is that it seems so effortless. You don't have to shout or gesture, or anything! Your words are just so powerful and it's evident that you are just a naturally generous, compassionate person. Eventho it's too late for me, I pray that you'll still be running your school when I have children, I'm not sure I would trust anyone else, honestly:) I love you so much Mrs "A", you really are my shero!!!!
–Brittany Southers
Freshman - Morgan State University

Mrs A,
I'm on the verge of letting a tear fall.......... That's why your my mentor and I love you dearly. I really needed that speech and you didn't even have to take the time to care, but you did and that's why your so blessed Mrs. A. You do care for others in a way that most people don't and its very admirable.  After what you said, I am even more inspired than ever! 
 –Luv you much,
Nichelle Renee

Mrs. A,
I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to express myself through performance. It has truly been a blessing from you to me for you to allow me the chance to do something positive. I greatly appreciate all you have done and will continue to do for me. I know I don’t show it by giving gifts, money, etc, but I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart, I truly cherish you and honor you. Not only for the chance have you given me but your overall achievement at hand. You are an excellent role-model and I will not let you down. God has great things in store for you and I, and you won’t be disappointed.
–Thank you,

Ms. A,
Thank you so much. You are truly a Phenomenal Lady! Thanks for being such and inspiring woman in my life! That's why your my mentor...cause you got it going on. God Bless you, I truly mean that. You've helped me out sooo much!
–Nichelle Renee
High Fashion Model and Cover girl

Ms A. !
    I wanted to let you know that I and my invited guest thoroughly enjoyed the performance last night. In that brief 8 weeks you had with children it was apparent last night that they learned something - sooo much . Taylor truly enjoyed the summer with you all. Your program is awesome! I want to thank you for just being there and providing an opportunity! Your spirit is truly genuine and what blessing you are and have been. You continue to do you! I am looking forward to next summer. I will definitely see you in the fall. Thanks again!!
 –Be BAD! - Blessed and Delivered!
Lita Peters - Mother of Taylor Peters, age 6

Everything was beautiful Thursday. I am truly a believer :-) in Studio A and the work that you all do. Just thinking about Secret's growth, blew my mind, and sent me to tears...ok, let me stop before I start again...:-)........
 –Thanks again,
Cinnamon Green

July 2005 - What does the Letter “A” really stand for? “One seed can start a garden, one smile can lift a spirit. One candle light a room, one conversation can start a friendship. One step can begin a journey; one heart can love many….. One person can make all the difference –that one is you. Thanks for everything you’ve done.”
Author Unknown

Those are the words from the card I had intended on giving you once I had signed it. Only it would not have been enough. It would not have made up for all the many feelings of gratitude I have for everything you have done for me alone. Mrs. “A”, if only I could ompletely explain to you how much of a difference you have made in my life in such a short period of time. In one year, you have made the greatest impact. You have inspired me, motivated me, gave me advice, and the opportunity of a life time (to teach dance and art at Studio “A”). How could I ever repay you for everything you’ve done to keep me focused, motivated and the best at everything I love to do. It is because of you that I am closer and closer to my dream. It is because of you that my life long plans goals and plans have recently made it pass a dream but have flourished into a reality. If only there was something I could possibly do for you that could equal up to every little blessing God has allowed me to receive through you. Therefore, I must, with no further a due, thank God for this wonderful, caring giving, talented and spiritual women who has touched not only my life but the lives of many. So I ask God, that as of now, the only gift I have to offer is that He continues to allow you to have the gift to touch lives through your advice, your business, your talent and your uplifting personality for many years to come. And if no one else tells you thank you ever again, please remember my voice alone sincerely telling you thank. For the first time in my life I actually have a role model. The model “A”, literally. For a while now, I have been thinking that I want to be just like you, but then what would I have learned. You have taught me that its not enough to be equal, I must be better. From here on out, I know that I will be achieving excellence in everything that I do. I’ve also learned that if I can out shine someone else’s 100% and by giving 110%, then 115%, or even 120%, is looking even more promising right around the corner.

Lastly, I give you my interpretation of the letter “A”. It is an abbreviation for a great many ways to describe you. Absolute for one, because all the talent you have is unlimited and your caring and kindness is unconditional. Abstract because nothing you do is practical. Accomplishments, achievements, advanced, adorable, advise, and the list goes on and on, as I could continue. But here I bring my letter of appreciation to an end. Thank you a million times and a million times more.
–Madison Spriggs, High School Student,
Baltimore City College High School

…I do want you to know that your influence is seen in the studio, in the community and yes in my home.  You present the "real" side of life.  (The good and bad)  You teach the girls to work hard and give their best.  In this day and time, girls needs role models outside of their families.  You are doing a righteous work.  Thank you so much for your efforts!!! You are appreciated!!!
God Bless,
–Monica Massey

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